Frequently asked questions

At this time, we are not photographing couples in a boudoir session format. 

Do you photograph couples?

My studio is located in the heart of the West Bottoms in Kansas City, MO.  It's right next to downtown KC and very easy to get to. 

Parking is accessible and free.  It is a historic building therefore there is no elevator or handicap accessibility unfortunately. 

The address is:
Madera Studios
1107 Hickory Street
Floor 4, Suite 4
Kansas City, MO 64101

Where will my photos take place?

Editing starts with adjusting the lighting, colors, crop and light skin smoothing.  Then after that if you would like anything changed after seeing your images I will do that for you.  

I like to work with the mindset that anything permanent is apart of our story and our story is a very beautiful thing. However, I will make any changes requested that I can. 

Will you edit out ___?

Nope, not at all. This is all about your comfort level and I will not pressure you to take anything outside of that.  

If posing nude is something you would like to do, It will be done tastefully.  Chest and bums will be in photos but no pelvic areas.

There is also the option to do implied nude photos.  This is where we use a blanket to cover most areas but maybe we can see the outline of the body and it implies nudity.  Often times wearing a nude color g-string is perfect for this and I can edit it out if you would like.  

Erotica photography can be done quite beautifully, however it's not something that I currently offer. 

Do I have to pose nude?

One friend is perfectly fine to bring with you.  She can hang out in the getting ready area while we finish hair and makeup and take images, no problem.

I do ask that we limit friends to just one. Your session is all about you and I want to make sure I can 100% focus on that. 

*Update* Due to the pandemic no additional people are allowed in the studio. 

Can I bring a friend? 

The digital images take about a week to get back to you.  Albums will take about 3-4 weeks depending on the time of year.  Big holidays usually are closer to 4 weeks.  

If you need the images back by a certain date, play it safe and book your session 6 weeks in advance. 

How long till I receive my images? 

The very same day we take your photos.  We'll break for an hour after the photo session to eat.  Then I'll quickly sort and edit the images.  Once lunch is over we'll take a look at your images to purchase the ones you would love to keep. 

How long does it take to see my images? 

This is the most common question and always a great one. You'll want to bring 3-4 outfits that make you feel sexy, you feel great in and maybe one that's a little outside your comfort zone if you'd like. 

Shoes, jewelry, wedding veils (if for your wedding gift or anniversary), your partners shirt, their uniform, sexy dresses, etc.  Options are endless here and I'm always available to give recommendations. 

What do I bring? 

Absolutely! I encourage it with certain jobs and am very protective of your images.  It's 100% your decision.  Everyone on my website and social media has signed a release.

Can I keep my images private?